Denis Rovinskiy

Artist Statement

What I am doing begins with a single childhood memory of a room filled with sunlight and sounds coming from a large open window.
I construct interactive and immersive atmospheric events with a minimalist aesthetic. Sound and light are powerful mood-setters and stimulators, yet elusive and abstract to allow for interpretation to oscillate and shift without prescribing a definitive meaning.
My work exists at the intersection of science and art, blending light and color theory with sound technology and scientific factors of space and time, dispersion, and acoustics. I generate the visual effects in response to sound or scientific phenomena by altering the physical space in an ephemeral way. The sound is based on algorithmic composition, focusing on the underlining conceptual factor, noise and hidden harmonies of random sound, and irregular rhythm.
When combined, the hacked electronics with sound and visual components complete the multi-sensory experience, where high tech meets low tech, blending the past with the future.