Denis Rovinskiy

XR / 3D Design Portfolio

2D // 3D
This design challenges our perception of depth in virtual reality. The scene is set in the first image with reasonable expectations of what is flat versus three-dimensional. However, the second image exposes the reality behind the first image. As seen from above, objects that looked volumetric originally are actually flat, while the ones that looked flat or with a shallow depth are actually much deeper. The use of QR and barcodes intentionally adds to the mix-up, since they are associated with 2D.
The design is also touching up on the physics of light and shadows and the color hues created by dispersion of color light in a digital space. Green light creates purple shadows as it normally would in reality, but the light source in the middle of the scene that comes out of nowhere is only possible in VR.
The final result is a stylized throwback to the days of black & white and a retro green terminal command line.

LūmiSpectræ VR Experience is an exploration of the luminous spectrum of light and color. We start in the black and white scene and move on to the full color scene with options to explore each color of the spectrum individually in more detail.
>>> Download LūmiSpectræ VR APK

Beyond the Studio VR (FINAL)
Beyond the Studio VR is an expandable world of virtual Art+Tech Installations. The Studios are dedicated to the experimentation with light and color qualities, material properties, light artifacts, other optical phenomena, such as iridescence, and physics in the digital environment. Beyond the Studio was inspired by a real world art installation and is aimed to serve as a digital mockup of future physical art installations, as well as a pure experimentation in the virtual realm.
Scenes: Beyond the Studio VR now has 3 unique Studios and the Main Menu:
1. Main Menu, with Credits (new)
2. Outdoor Studio (new)
3. Text-Based Art Studio (new)
4. Light & Color Studio (see below the original Studio info)
The first Studio has been changed to fit into the universal UI.
The exit from all the studios is now in the same familiar "Menu" torus.
The torus design with symbols/ words was extended to all UI buttons and teleportation portals. They change material to show affordance of selecting them, where appropriate.
The UI is minimalistic and precise. It is made to enhance the experience, but not distract from it.
Main Menu:
This scene features the toruses in mirror finish as they react to the hover and take you to the appropriate Studio when selected. It also holds the credits.
Outdoor Studio:
This Studio serves as a platform for experimentation with light effects, such as iridescence and lens flares, and experimentation with reflective and transparent materials, outdoor edition.
Text-Based Art Studio:
This Studio is all about text-based art. The light translates the sky text into braille inside the studio. Text is also the center-point in the interactive panels on the studio wall. There it brings out a message that despite the differences of language and culture, we can find common ground. This work was created in 2018, but is especially valid now, in the light of the war in Ukraine, when Russia and the United States are at odds and are positioned as the polar opposites.
Light & Color Studio:
Please see below the original Studio info.
In each Studio the Instructions are posted to guide the visitors through the possible interactions.
>>> Download Beyond the Studio VR: 3 Art Studios APK

Beyond the Studio VR: Light & Color Studio
This is the first virtual studio of Beyond the Studio VR project, an expandable world of virtual Art+Tech Installations. This studio is dedicated to the experimentation with light and color in the digital environment (Unity).
The inspiration for this VR Studio was the real-world container with site-speciofic art installation:
Compared to the real world, the VR installation takes it further by offering more interactions and more options. There are 9 lighting options to chose from and you can interact with various objects by moving and rotating them on demand or toggling their semi-transparency, so you can model the light effects on them in real time, virtually. It is a seamless and easy experience and it provides more experimentation and control than the original art installation. You can model and study light and color and that's why I call it a VR Studio. Stay tuned for more VR Studios focusing on different studies of light and physics to come.
Light & Color VR Studio instructions:
Light switches are on the floor. Hover and select to toggle them on and off to create desired effects.
Interact with objects in scene to see how the light and color look on them:
- Two Spheres appear semi-transparent, but hover over to make the small one solid and the large one a void into space (note the stars change colors).
- Left and right panels move slightly in opposite directions, but grab to move, rotate and place in desired locations.
To go to the next Studio grab the door handle till it turns green.
>>> Download Beyond the Studio VR: Light & Color Studio APK