Denis Rovinskiy

XR / 3D Design Portfolio

2D // 3D
This design challenges our perception of depth in virtual reality. The scene is set in the first image with reasonable expectations of what is flat versus three-dimensional. However, the second image exposes the reality behind the first image. As seen from above, objects that looked volumetric originally are actually flat, while the ones that looked flat or with a shallow depth are actually much deeper. The use of QR and barcodes intentionally adds to the mix-up, since they are associated with 2D.
The design is also touching up on the physics of light and shadows and the color hues created by dispersion of color light in a digital space. Green light creates purple shadows as it normally would in reality, but the light source in the middle of the scene that comes out of nowhere is only possible in VR.
The final result is a stylized throwback to the days of black & white and a retro green terminal command line.

LūmiSpectræ VR Experience is an exploration of the luminous spectrum of light and color. We start in the black and white scene and move on to the full color scene with options to explore each color of the spectrum individually in more detail.

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