Denis Rovinskiy

Game Design Portfolio


ConstructoVerse is an innovative puzzle-solving game inspired by Russian Constructivism. Players are immersed in a surreal, abstract world where they must use geometric shapes and architectural principles to navigate through increasingly complex levels.

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Game about Nothing

Welcome to the world of Nothing, where nothing is as it seems and everything means nothing! In this game, players embark on a surreal journey through a vast, abstract landscape where the concept of purpose is non-existent. Your goal? Embrace the void, explore the absurd, and find meaning in meaninglessness.

Undertake quests that have no real purpose, help characters who don’t need help, find items with no use, and complete tasks that lead to nowhere. The reward? The satisfaction of having accomplished nothing! Enjoy the paradoxical experience of finding fulfillment in the absence of purpose!

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The Lawnmower Game

Take the chore out of mowing a lawn! Designed with custom game interface.

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