Denis Rovinskiy

Matter of Light, 2022

Interactive audiovisual kinetic installation
Kinect sensor, modified speakers, computer running custom live code from Max/MSP, sound cards, projector, electronics, lasers
22’ x 15’
Albert Einstein is known for his equation E=MC2, which establishes a direct correlation between energy and matter. It was proven long ago by observing the radioactive decay that energy can be produced from matter. But it was not until recently that an experiment proved that matter can be created from energy. The scientists took photons, the particles of light, and collided them to create a physical matter, an electron-positron pair.
Considering the implications of this discovery, Matter of Light is an audiovisual kinetic installation that explores the concept of transformation from one state to another. The movement of the viewer is turned into sound frequencies that are transformed into intricate laser light effects. The art installation consists of a computer system that tracks the viewer’s hands, transcodes the coordinates into sine waves and with the use of lasers and modified speakers creates the Lissajous light figures.
Position yourself in the center of the room and move your hands to interact with the art installation. Please avoid touching any of the components and do not look directly into the laser beams.