Denis Rovinskiy

/\, 2018 - ongoing

Sound art installation
2-channel audio, speakers, red and blue LED lights, sound and electric components, bench (as installed in BluPrnt Show)
9' x 5'
I record soundscapes, create electroacoustic compositions and electronically synthesized sonic works that are very minimal and focus on the subtle variations of sound and rhythm. It is something that I call ‘arrhythmic’ - irregular rhythm that is inconsistent or organically offbeat (i.e. raindrops). In music theory it correlates to point and counterpoint techniques that keep the rhythm interesting and ever-changing.
I utilize layering of sounds with various manipulations and split them over multichannel audio to immerse the audience.
My sonic art is often live-coded and is based on algorithmic composition with a set of instructions for the computer or can be interactive allowing the audience to manipulate the sound waves.
/\ stands for “arrhythmia” and is designed in 3 parts showing the progression of the body of work:
(1) from field recording of irregular rhythmic sounds like raindrops, unmanipulated in any way;
(2) to acousmatic explorations of manipulating objects to create arrhythmic percussive patterns;
(3) to granular synthesis of electronic sounds inspired by natural occurrences that further layer rhythmic patterns onto themselves, utilizing tiling and phasing techniques to create complex and sometimes chaotic irregularities in rhythm.
Track list:
1. Drops not Drums
2. Wind Vibration
3. Train
4. Ice Water
5. Glass Pitch
6. Crystal
7. Plastic II
8. RnR
9. Lpy Synth
10. Lpy Synth II
11. Mellow and Sunburned